National Capital District Commission (NCDC) Dump Fees

In accordance with the National Capital District Garbage & Sanitation Law, a person wishing to remove or dispose of his Brewery, Saw dust, Metal, Chemical, Oil, Medical, Tyre/Rubber, Commercial and Industrial wastes shall not be permitted to do so without first obtaining written approval from the Commission every time he wishes to remove and dispose of the waste and pay the Waste Depot usage fees as prescribed in the following table.

Waste Depot Fess (per load) Fees K 10% GST Total K
a) Chemicals & Hazardous Wastes 87.00 8.70 95.70
b) Explosive & Toxic - Non-Hazardous 87.00 8.70 95.70
c) Solvent or Fluid wastes 62.00 6.20 68.20
d) Solid Waste 30.00 3.00 33.00

Those who want to use NCDC's approved dump sites could do so by purchasing the dump fees tickets. The tickets must be given to the dump site staff. The tickets are available at NCDC revenue Section.