Trade License Fees

Trade Licensing fees are charged according to their annual turnover. License are due renewed in July each year. Following is the fee schedule.

No Turnover range Annual License fee K
1 K0.01 - K250,000 K250.00
2 K250000.01 - K500,000 K500.00
3 K500,000.01 - K1,000,000 K750.00
4 K1,000,000.01 - K2,000,000 K2,500.00
5 Over K2,000,000 K5,000.00
The following classes of licenses have fixed rates
1 Second Hand Dealers K250.00
2 Restaurants (Non liquor) K500.00
3 Mobile Trading K250.00
4 Entertainment Licenses K500.00
5 Liklik Stoas K100.00
6 Barber Shop K250.00