Motu Koitabu Council

Motu Koitabu Council consists of 10 members elected by the Motu Koitabu people of the NCD; the Council will appoint one of their members Chairman and another as Deputy Chairman.

The Council is responsible within the Motu Koitabu areas for the provision and maintenance of basic services, community activities, education and health as the Minister directs. The majority portion of the Council's operations are subsidized by the National Capital District Commission at around K3 million per annum.

Motu Koitabu Council - Councillors

Elected councilors of Motu Koitabu Council are given in the following table against their respective villages:

Village Councilor's Name Position
Baruni Adira Gumasa Chairman, MKC
Pari Mataio Nao Taboro Deputy Chairman, MKC
Vabukori Rahe Maraki Rau Councillor
KilaKila Boio Morata Councillor
Korobosea Mike Gorogo Councillor
Elevala - Laurabada Morea Lahui Sere Councillor
Elevala - Lahara Tanti Doura Councillor
Hanuabada - Lahara Vagi Oda Toua Councillor
Hanuabada - Laurabada Garia Udu Councillor
Tatana Opao Udia Councillor

The Council is administered by a team of management headed by a Manager.
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