Port Moresby City Development Enterprises Limited

The National Capital District Commission acquired 100% share of Vatar No 16 Pty Limited in 1994 when it intended to buy the land called ‘Duran Farm' for the purpose of Home Ownership Scheme'. The company changed its name in November 1996 to Port Moresby City Development Enterprises Limited. This company is a fully owned subsidiary of National Capital District Commission.

The company did not operate during the years 2000 and 2001. The company started its activities in June 2002 following corporatization of the TLC Gymnasium by National Capital District Commission. The Company's activities include business promotion in NCD and to look after Taurama Leisure Center's Gymnasium. As in the case of Botanical Garden, National Capital District Commission substantially subsidizes this company's activities as well.

The company also manages the NCDC's 20% interest in Pacific Waste Technologies Pty Limited (Incorporated in Australia).

The company will soon be launching NCDC's Hiri Lotto and City Nius.

Pacific Waste Technology Pty Limited (Australia)

NCDC has 20% interest in this Australian registered company. The rest of the 80% of the shares are being held equally by Townsville City Council (TCC), Gough Plastics, James Cook University (JCU) and Sustainable Waste Technologies (represented by Roger Woods). The shareholders have equal representation in the Board except JCU. This company's major business-hold is hybrid toilets and its patent rights. Suthers Taylor's are NCDC's proxy to this company until end of November 2005. NCDC appointed TCC to be the proxy from December 2005.