Tabudubu Limited

Tabudubu Pty Limited was incorporated on 15 June 1984 under the Companies Act. It is a subsidiary of Motu Koitabu Interim Assembly, which held 99% of the shares. In 1990 when the assets, liabilities and obligations of the Motu Koitabu Interim Assembly were transferred following passing of the NCDC Act 1990 whence the “Interim Assembly” became the “Council”. As a consequence, the shares were transferred to the Commission to be held in Trust for Motu Koitabuan people of the NCD by virtue of Section 47(2) of the National capital District Commission Act 1990. Since the NCDC Act 1990 is repealed, the Commission no longer holds any shares of Tabudubu Limited.

The objectives of the company are to promote the development of the Motu Koitabu people living within the National capital District by promotion of trade, commerce, communication and co-operation. The other objective is to implement the directives of the Motu Koitabu Council and the National capital District Commission.

The Company has investments in shares of companies involved in stevedoring business (P&O Liners), Land developments (Hetura Paz) and Mining & Exploration industries (Lihir Gold & Oil Search) and financing industries (Iseda Finance).

The company owns the following entities:
  • Hetura Paz Limited
  • Iseda Finance Limited