Building Authority

This division has the task of controlling physical building design and construction including upgrading and maintenance through exercise of the legislation that falls under its jurisdiction.

The NCD Building Authority enforces the Building Act and Regulation Chapter 301 of the revised laws of PNG. This is the Act that regulates and controls the construction industry including;
  • The classification, construction, maintenance, alterations and demolition of buildings;
  • The use of building and the land on which the building is erected both during and after construction of the building; and
  • The erection, maintenance and demolition or hoardings.
  • The execution of an excavation or filling.
Purpose of the Building Act is to ensure structural stability and safety, to create public health and hygiene, to ensure fire protection and safety and to ensure proper design and construction of building services


Board Functions

Consider and determine all Building Board related matters within the area of its jurisdiction. Make Interim legislation relevant to the effective and efficient administration and implementation as required by the Building Act and Regulations Chapter 301 within NCD.

Support Services Functions

Ensure Board meetings are held as approved and scheduled, Keep precise and updated records of Board proceedings, Ensure that relevant authorized and technically capable staff, implement Board resolutions and directions effectively, Implements and accomplish all Boards matters, directives and resolutions relating to Board inspections and Technical application review and to carry out site inspections and investigations on building structures in response to public complaints.


Ensure Compliance with the Building Act and Regulations

It has the independent responsibility of ensuring that constructions activities or any other works relating to building, strictly adhere to the provisions of the Building Regulations Act; Building Authority has an Administrative Role; Central Building Tribunal has a Judicial Role; The Minister has the responsibility of ensuring smooth operation and at the same time ensuring that the existing laws are relevant and updated.

Submit Recommendation for Changes to the Building Act and Regulations

Building Authority and Boards merely enforced the provisions of the Building Act as an Act of the National Parliament of PNG; Building Authority and Boards have no powers to amend or change this Act or Regulations; The National Parliament can amend or change the provisions of the Building Act

Answerable to the Central Building Tribunal

The Building Boards and Authorities is to be responsible to the Central Building Tribunal for Public Appeals; These public appeals came about through decisions made in Building Authorities or Board Meetings of which the concerned applicant's or client of an application, case or situation is dissatisfied due to its personal reasoning; The Central Tribunal shall comprised of various professionals; Shall arbitrate the disputes for consideration and recommendations to the Minister for final decision.

NCDC Building Board

The NCD Building Board comprises of the following members:

Name Board Position Interest Group
Lawrence Stocks Board Member Institution of Engineers PNG
Luciano Cragnolini Chairman Private Industry
Manase Rapilla Board Member NCDC Commissioner
Leslie Alu Board Member City Manager, NCDC
Paul Constable Board Member PNG Institute of Builders
David Gole Board Member President, PNG Institute of Architects
Simon Vai Board Member Deputy City Manager, Engineering
Kila Amini Board Member NCDC Board