Community & Social Services

The objectives of this division are to promote community awareness and provide facilities that preserves and enhances public health and hygiene, to ensure clean and reliable water supply system and effective sanitation collection and disposal system compatible to WHO Standards, to adequately provide educational facilities and support to attain integral human development, to provide adequate community amenities to maximize social participation and interaction, to support Law enforcement agencies in ensuring harmonious and orderly co-existence, to protect and safeguard the well being of the community and to provide services to the community through the ward system.

This section comprises of five sub-sections:
  • Social Services - including Law & Order, Women & Youth Affairs and Mini Markets.
  • Waste Management - includes waste and dump management
  • Health - Vector control, Dog pound, Cemetery, Environmental Health, Informal Sector Development and Markets.
  • Parks & Garden - City cleaning, Parks, Recreational Areas, Open Reserves, Tree Hill Plantations.
  • Local Level Government - Local Level Government - District Administration and Disaster Management.
  • Education - Aiming to provide Universial Education to city residents.
  • Urban Safety - This project is a joint initiative of AusAid and NCDC and its main objective is to establish urban safety by providing better municipal services in the city.