Education Division

Provision of education is a shared responsibility of the National Government and the NCD Education Division.

The NCDC Education Services Division complements and supports registered schools through the NCD Education Division in NCD by way of:
  • Facilitating school infrastructure development programs such as:
  • Building of classrooms/schools library/science and computer labs.

    Building toilet blocks.

    Building teachers houses

  • Supplying of appropriate school learning materials
  • Subsidizing of schools water & sewerage bills

TOT Program

This is an ongoing program aiming at helping teachers to be innovative and self reliant through conducting short courses.

AusAid through BEICMP have also come in to assist with infrastructure-training modules. This was conducted in various schools to assist BOM personnel, head teachers and other stakeholders at the school and stakeholders at the province and District level.

Below are pictures of some of the school infrastructure facilities built by NCDC.

Bavaroko Primary Maranatha Christian AcademyTVET Scholarship