Physical Planning - Port Moresby Town Local Development Plan

Port Moresby Town Local Development Plan

The Port Moresby Town Local Development Plan (PTLDP) aims to optimize the urban fabric to serve the public interest for current and future generations.

With an expected life of 15 years, it is intended to guide development and forward planning in the Port Moresby Town Local Planning Area. The main objective of the PTLDP is to address the varied problems of the urban environment that impact on the quality of life particularly in NCD’s oldest commercial centre and CBD.

At the core of this is social, environmental and economic well-being. This Plan aims to realize the full potential of this Local Planning Area in:

  • Enjoying the best of a tropical lifestyle;
  • Showcasing the magnificent hilly seaside setting;
  • Promoting landscaping with shade, colour and tropical lushness, which can be visually magnificent, and a pleasure to enjoy;
  • Encouraging building design that is responsive to the environment, promoting tropical architecture which contributes to urban character, human comfort and energy-efficiency; and
  • Supporting the public participation in cultural programs and practices, to encourage a wide base of community support.

    To achieve this, the PTLDP provides recommended controls and policies firstly, for land development in terms of its permissible use and building control such as height and site coverage and secondly, for public infrastructure. The latter comprises a broad range of government and service-related facilities, road and pedestrian infrastructure, reticulated services, drainage, sewerage, and community facilities.

    Guidelines for Implementation are also available:
    • Immediate Priorities;
    • Infrastructure Upgrading & Maintenance;
    • Community Facilities & Social Initiatives;
    • Town Centre Upgrading;
    Essential components of the Development Plan are available on this site, as follows: