Regulatory Services


The objective of this division is to ensure that the developments taking place are orderly, planned and in a coordinated manner, to identify, design, construct and maintain infrastructures and building programs to approved standards, to ensure that the environment is sound and clean and conforming to World Health Standards, to develop an efficient and appropriate public system and to design a planned settlement program.

Department of Regulatory Services consists of five major divisions with Physical Planning, Development Control, Building, Lands and Licensing. The division also runs a capacity building project known as Hetura Project in conjunction with Townsville City Council and Department of National Planning and Health.

The functions of Regulatory Services are as follows:


  • Overall Strategic Land Use Planning
  • Planning & Urbanization Policy
  • Planning & Urbanization Policy
  • Coordinate & Supervision of Development Plans
  • Subdivision Designs
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Interpretation of Physical Planning Legislation

  • Provide Executive & Professional Support for NCDPPB
  • Evaluate Planning Proposal: preparation of Technical Reports, Site Inspection & Section 81 Agreements).
  • Appeal Statements
  • Maintain Zoning Plans & Development Control Records
  • Register Decision & Issue Notices
  • Specialist Advice/Customer Services
  • Enforcement of Physical Planning Legislation

  • Provide Technical Support to the NCDBA
  • Enforce Compliance with Building Legislation by:
  • Screening Building Applications & Proposals
  • Issue Permits & Certificates
  • Routine Site inspections & reviews
  • Building Investigations upon request
  • Service of Notices
  • Answerable to Central Building Tribunal
  • Maintain Building Records
  • Provide Specialist Advice/Customer Service

Current Functions
  • Close liaison with Department of Lands & Physical Planning
  • Obtaining titles over Open Spaces & certain drainage reserves
  • Carry out surveys on NCDC properties (markets, open spaces, roads/drainage reserves) to enable legal description for the purpose of obtaining titles
  • Carry out valuations on NCDC properties to enable the execution of transfer and other properties as directed by the Executive Management
  • Land Mobilization when the need arises
  • Carry out Land Use Surveys
Future Functions
  • Serving the NCD Land Board
  • Provide Executive & Administrative
  • Support to the Land Board
  • Screen & Process Land Applications
  • Maintain LGIS Records
  • Customer Services
  • Enforcement of Land Legislation

  • Provide Executive & Administrative Support
  • Screen and Process Licensing Applications
  • Maintain Licensing Records
  • Register Decision & Issue Licenses
  • Specialist Advice/Customer Services
  • Enforcement of Licensing Legislation