Street Lights

NCDC launched massive streetlight replacement program in 2005. The works on NCDC controlled streetlights have begun beginning of the year 2005 and completed in beginning of 2006. A total of K1.70 million was spent for streetlights improvements in 2005 basically aimed at the national events in addition to regular repairs. The streetlights program covered the following roads:

Poreporena Highway, Spring Garden Road, Waigani Drive, Wards Road, Hubert Murray Highway, Taurama Road, Bava Street, Geauta Street, Boroko Drive, Gabaka Street, Healy Parade, Kone Under-Pass, Cameron Road, Kennedy Road and Gordon Circuit.

The nature of jobs vary from various roads, such as replacement of poles, luminaries, repair of contactors, daylight switches, lamps, steel cap covers over poles, circuit breakers and pole fuses. People are encouraged to contact NCDC Traffic Engineer, if they witness vandalism to the streetlights.

The continuous lit of streetlight is highly dependent upon the sense of responsibility of the people, adhering to the traffic rules by the motorists, as very often we experienced knock down of poles by drivers and vandalism on the streetlight luminaries by criminals.

It is our collective responsibility to increase the surveillance on the streetlights and other public assets especially by the law enforcement agencies. Continuation of such occurrences may significantly affect City Hall's efforts to light up the City and would be reverted back to its dark days.