Urban Safety - Yumi Lukautim Mosbi

Yumi Lukautim Mosbi (YLM)

Yumi Lukautim Mosbi is an ongoing crime and prevention and urban safety initiative housed within the NCDC and sponsored by AusAID and Go PNG.

This project is a joint initiative of AusAid and NCDC and its main objective is to establish urban safety by providing better municipal services in the city.

This YLM project currently runs various pilot projects within the community.

It is an action model of Vision 2050 and is evidenced by the impact it has with all sectors of the PNG society, from grass roots to international corporate investors.

The YLM program since its inception in 2005 by Mr Steve Sims of the Law and Justice Sector has opened the door for many youths to live a better life in Port Moresby.

In estimates more than 4000 youths from the streets have been reformed, trained, up skilled and given a second chance in life. YLM is so grateful to the Governor of NCD Hon. Powes Parkop through, the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RYPNGC) and all its stakeholders for making a huge difference in the lives of the youth and community at large in the Nation's Capital.

Therefore YLM can best be explained in context of the sectors it works across:

  • To the corporate world YLM is a portal through which they can focus a sharper more effective corporate responsibility to the community as evidenced by the provision of Meri SEIF Ples (Women Safe Zone) in busy shopping centres, safe and cost effective accommodation for working class women, crisis centres for women and a free 24/7 call centre for responses to family and sexual violence and evacuations nationwide.
  • To the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry businesses, YLM is an innovative job creation scheme with a never ending supply of motivated and semi- skilled grass roots resource, never correctly tapped before. In 2010 alone over 600 YLM youth who supported 'Krismas SEIF Kempan wearing Gun Free Zone T'shirts and Bus Stop Safety Wardens wearing the purple Meri SEIF Ples Tshirts gained permanent employment in NCD with over 68 associated businesses and over 800 grass roots people trained for self employment in the informal sector.
  • To the formal sector workers YLM is grassroots youth doing neighbourhood watch and Bus Stop Safety Wardens in their highly distinctive purple 'Meri SEIF Ples' T shirts making their travel to and from work much safer.
  • To the community leaders YLM keeps the street youth occupied with community-fist initiatives such Krismas SEIF Kempan and Bus Stop Safety Wardens, and makes the settlements feel much more cohesive and safer.
  • To the Law and Justice Sector where YLM originates, YLM is an effective crime prevention and urban safety intervention which does in fact reduce opportunistic crime and offers a better quality of life and sustainable options to crime.
  • To Government agencies and senior authorities, YLM is an effective intervention to foster Public Service sector Partnerships in particular to engage marginalized youth in lawful activities culminating in job creation, poverty reduction and the enhancement of community harmony.
  • To the International and National NGO's and FBO's, YLM is a network which greatly enhances their capabilities and expedites performance at community level where it counts. Some of its partners include; Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Ginigoada Bisnis Foundation, UNIFEM, Digicel Foundation, Boroko Rotary, Soroptimist International, Asia Foundation and now Oxfam.
  • To the grassroots, youths and women at risk or in crisis, YLM means the difference of day to day living from crime or risky practices or having a safer and lawful future with pride and hope. The community pride cry of 'Yumi Lukautim MOSBI' is well known throughout PNG and the Pacific.
  • To internationally recognised experts in the field of urban youth in the South Pacific Region, YLM is officially regarded as the best cutting edge intervention of its type anywhere in the world and has been awarded the coveted UN HABITAT Certificate 'recognition of excellence in urban safety crime prevention and youth' in Durban South Africa July 2008.
  • To national audiences who watch the 'YLM Report' national television program or who have access to the YLM website, YLM is a marvelous intervention which has relevance to their community aspirations and needs and is activity that is easily replicated.
  • To international audiences of the television program and website YLM is in fact new refreshing perspectives of Papua New Guinea that they did know exist. The YLM television series is the very first PNG produced television series in history to be aired as a regular weekly program to international audiences.

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