Waste Management Services

The Division of Waste Management provides one of the basic and essential services to the ratepayers, one of which is collection and cartage of refuse to the dumps for disposal. The functions are administered and implemented in line with the relevant legislations on Waste Management.

The aim of the division is to provide adequate and efficient waste collection and disposal services to protect the environment, promote and enhance the health and safety of the community.

The section’s activities included collection of domestic, commercial or industrial, school, village or settlement and hazardous (medical) wastes and installation of sanitary pans.

This division is also responsible for the management of refuse dumps. This aspect of waste management requires improvement on the environmental and health issues associated with the operation of the dump such as leading, underground water pollution, vermin and odour control. The lifespan of the two existing dumps viz, Baruni and 6 Mile are up and overused.

While currently there is no data to asses the actual volume of refuse reaching the dump, we have plans to establish such data base soon.

The Commission admits existence of a vacuum on appropriate and relevant policy matters relating to collection and disposal of wastes. The current Waste Management policies are based on Public Health Act and the City Council’s ‘By- Laws’. There is lack of appropriate and specific policy guidelines on solid, liquid and hazardous waste management – relevant and responsive to the local need of the community. This creates an unstable working environment not only for the operational aspect of waste management but also the established procedures in engaging contractors.

User Pay Policy

The user pay policy is aimed at public to use the dump if and when required at a cost determined by NCDC. Public is required to pay the fees at NCDC office and produce payment receipts at the entrance into the dumps before the actual disposal.

Industrial/Commercial and Medical establishments are encouraged to apply to NCDC through public utilities section for collection and disposal of their own waste.