Port Moresby Nature Park

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Port Moresby Nature Park

The National Capital Botanical Gardens is now known as the Port Moresby Nature Park.

The new name was formerly announced by NCD Governor Powes Parkop on Thursday 31st of May 2012 together with the general manager of the park Michelle Lee McGeorge.

Port Moresby Nature Park is PNG's only combined botanical and zoological parks and gardens dedicated to the promotion of PNG's flora and fauna.

Following a recent strategic review by the National Capital District Commission, a number of major upgrades have been occurring and will continue to occur over the next few years.

The grounds offer a lush change from the hustle and bustle of Port Moresby city and are home to the only tract of rainforest within the NCD and the only place in the world to showcase all three-species of cassowaries in a world-class boardwalk and display facility.

Thousands of tropical plant species including palms, gingers and heliconias and native timber tree species are found within the grounds which also include three main picnic areas available for hire.

The Park is home to over 11,000 orchids, many of which are native to PNG.

The park is home to many native animals including bird of paradise, tree-kangaroos, wallabies, snakes, crocodiles, hornbills and multiple parrot species.

The National Capital Botanical Gardens closed in 2011.

NCDC is determined to bring the former NCD Botanical Garden to be what is should be, a Nature Park for all works of life to enjoy.

City Manager Leslie Alu said the name changing marks the new chapter since NCDC has taken control of the NCD Botanical Gardens several years ago.

What started out as a research station for biology students of the University of Papua New Guinea is now becoming a major attraction for tourists in Port Moresby

The environment inside the park is all about Papua New Guinea natural nature.

The park has its own breeding program which is very important for the preservations of PNG animal species for future generations.

Entrance fees will start with two rates: residents (K5 adults), students (K2.50) and children under 12yrs (K1.30), non-residents including tourists (K10 adults), students (K5) and children (K2.60).

Some of the businesses supporting the Nature Park are PNG Sustainable Development, Digicel, Leahy Lewin Nutley Sullivan Lawyers, South Pacific Air-Conditioning, Dulux and Theodist. www.facebook.com/PortMoresbyNaturePark