Arts and Crafts Markets in Port Moresby

Photo Gallery of Arts and Crafts Markets

Arts and Crafts Markets

There are two places in Port Moresby where tourist or visitors can buy arts and crafts which is the Tabari Place at Boroko and the Holiday Inn Hotel in Waigani.

The two markets is a focal point of local life and provide a meeting place for traders from all over the province.

You'll find many exotic varieties arts, crafts, carvings, jewelries, wicker baskets, bamboo combs and handcrafts at the two main markets open for business from 10:00am to 5pm every day except for Sunday.

In a country such as Papua New Guinea where language varies from village to village, artistic expression differs in style just as dramatically. Traditional canoes, carvings, woven baskets and trays, bilums (string bags), masks, spears, carvings and other artifacts all reflect the diverse cultural beliefs of the people who produce them.

Traditionally, art and culture are closely linked.