Varirata Park

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Government to improve Varirata National Park

TALKS have commenced for NCDC to partner the Department of Environment and Conservation to improve the Varirata National Park.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop and the management were invited by Minister for Environment and Conservation John Pundari to Varirata National Park last week to see the status of the park and to see how best NCDC could help.

Minister Pundari said his department looks after 20 national parks or conservation areas around the country.

Varirata National Park is one of those in NCD and consists of 220 species of birds. One such bird is the Yellow Bird of Paradise which is flown on the national flag, the Raggiana Bird of Paradise also reproduces at the park including different species of wildlife.

The minister appealed to the governor and the city authority to work with him to improve the park.

“You have seen the road condition, water catchment, barbecue areas and lot of things need to be fixed but I am so much looking forward to work with you so that our people can enjoy the beauty of our natural habitat,” Minister Pundari said.

Governor Parkop said the Varirata National Park is a gold mine waiting to be harvested “but we have left it too long and it is wasting away just on the outskirts of our city”.

“I’m happy to see what NCDC can do on our part because most of the time on the weekends it is our city people that patrol this place,” he said.

He said NCDC is able to do small things like water catchment, public toilets, and build the roads. “We are ready to partner you in ensuring that road up to the national park is up to a standard that will see more people come up here,” Governor Parkop said. He said water catchment and public toilets are within their means so can give a commitment immediately but for roads, the NCDC engineers will have to look at what can be done and try to fit it into the budget.

“I totally agree with this partnership, because once we start to improve on areas such as looking after and replenishing our biodiversity then we may well attract business houses and investors to step in and help financially,” the governor added.